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What Makes Ours the Best Cheap Green Screen Lights on the Market

Excellent Value

Our advice has always been: a well-lit space is as important, or even more, than a green screen made of great material with an efficient chroma green color. But we also know that, realistically speaking, bulbs and lights are more easily improvised with home appliances. Therefore, a lot of photographers usually decide spending less in illumination, so they can have more budget for more technical products like lenses and cameras. And with that in mind, we’ve created this section just for you. Good, reliable and sturdy lights at a budget price.

Relentless Dedication

Offering great products with a budget in mind is always a hard challenge. But it’s not a challenge we take lightly! We put our minds together to figure out a way to achieve the perfect balance between cost and quality, without compromising on essential features or durability. It's difficult but we do our best to achieve it. We do it so highly creative people with less money, like you, deserve a starting point higher than some makeshift lamps and a DIY studio.

Client Input

As we mentioned before, working with a budget is not always easy. We can always have an idea of that price/quality balance that the client is looking for, but that’s what it is. An idea. That’s why we decided to hit the streets and talk with a plentiful of beginner creators, i.e., people who just don’t have the budget to spend in big light kits. With those crucial opinions and ideas, we went back to the drawing board and came up with the perfect solution for those people:

The Dimmable LED Ring Light 12″ + Tripod. Ranging between $87 an $150, the dimmable LED Ring light is the cream of the crop regarding low-cost lights. It has a light ring with the possibility of dimming it between 10% and 100%, two double color temperatures and a sturdy tripod. We haven’t even talked about, maybe, the most important feature: if you’re here looking for economical light kits, we know you probably don’t have the capital to spend in professional DSLRs, and that’s why we developed a phone clip. You can center your phone in the middle of the light ring and get photos and videos you’ll never imagined you would get without a Canon or a Nikon. We know you’re already sold on it, but you should also know it includes a handy carry bag and an instruction flyer for easy mount!

What You Get With Our Cheap Green Screen Lights

Affordable Way to Achieve Professional Results

As we mentioned before, BGS is not just a place were you can buy backdrops, lights and other accessories. If you look around our low-budget section, it can also be a place where you give your first steps into the content creation world. The only thing that’s between you and the greatest artists is dedication and effort. We want to propel raw talent into success, that’s why here at BGS we offer quality products at inexpensive prices. Everyone deserves the chance to do their best and create amazing works of art, regardless of budget.

Secure Payment

Everyone knows the worst part of buying is seeing your bank account get slimmer and slimmer. We also know that online shopping, even though it's becoming the main way of shopping, can be daunting for some people. That’s why security is a big word at BGS. Besides partnering with one of the most reliable online security companies on the world, we also offer a guaranteed safe checkout, able of processing VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Network, PayPal, and others.

Professional Results, Everywhere

When you’re thinking in low-budget items, portability is usually an expandable feature. We think otherwise. During conversations with our customers, we realized that the majority of the ones who bought them don’t have a home studio and are what we like to call “nomad creators”. So, excluding a plug or a generator and a phone, you don’t need anything else to get a beautifully well-lit studio. You can do it anywhere with ease.