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What Makes Ours the Best Green Screen Light Kits on the Market

We Take our Light Kits as Serious as Our Green Screens

Behind a great green screen setup is always a great lights kit (actually in front, but you get the point). You can own a perfectly non-wrinkled cotton green screen, (something that we sell here at Buy Green Screens!) and still be miles away from your quality goal, if you lack a well-lit space. Big advice from our photographers and video editors here at BGS: lighting your photo studio demands a meticulous research, as some slight difference in your light-bulb's watts can give you a completely different look and can turn a simple photo shoot in a big headache. Even a trivial inches of difference between two light stands can change the shape of a model’s face completely. Therefore, our continuous research in getting you the best lights for different tasks, is something you should definitely take advantage of!

Varied Background Experience

Within our team, here at Buy Green Screens, we have people who have worked in fashion photography, landscape photography, products photography, among others. So you’ll have green screen light kits idealized by different people, with different opinions, diverging from different backgrounds. You would think that’s a recipe for confusing and badly organized kits. On the contrary! Those different opinions just give us more and more information to work with and to produce the best green screen light kits on the market.

Price & Quality

Here at Buy Green Screens we’re known for going all out in our kits. It’s an opportunity for us to gather the products needed for an efficient photo shoot, in a well-organized kit. And the best part? Much cheaper than buying the same products separately. We’re talking about softboxes, bulbs, stands, accessories, backdrops, clamps, and more. Excluding a camera, it’s everything you need to transform yourself from an amateur photographer into a professional one.

How to Choose the Best Green Screen Light Kits

As we mentioned before, our offers are so diverse and attractive that it’s hard to choose one. That’s why we’re here to help you pick the best green screen light kit for your needs!

Our Green Screen Light Kit – Simple Set with Essentials, as the name states, is our simplest and cheapest option. It includes a backdrop with stands and two light bulbs with stands and umbrellas. If you’re just a starting photographer and your budget is not the highest one, this option is perfect for you. For just $169 you can have a tremendous change in your final results and quality.

One step higher and you can get the Green Screen Light Kit – Simple Set PLUS with Essentials & More. You’re spending a little more, but you’re also receiving a whole lot in return - two softboxes, two more backdrops, some pretty useful clamps and other useful items. You should definitely check it out!

Now we’re talking, this is the perfect choice if you want the best possible quality and don't mind spending a little more to get it. Our Green Screen Light Kit – Pro Studio Set with Full Items & Accessories is one of the top light kits on the market. We don’t even know where to start describing its greatness. Three cotton backdrops, two softboxes, 8 clips, umbrellas, swivel sockets, light bulbs, stands, and more! All quality products, designed to work perfectly together, so that as soon as you click your camera’s shutter button or start recording, you get that instantly recognizable professional studio quality that you can be proud to show the world.

Our Softbox Lighting Kit PRO – 3 Studio Quality Softboxes with Stands, Cantilever Stick, Backdrops, Accessories & Bulbs is also an excellent choice for more trained and veteran artists. With three softboxes, three backdrops, 12 (yes, 12!) lightbulbs, stands, clamps and more, it’s an intense light kit, with an enormous quantity of products, allowing you to create your own personalized studio space.

What You Get With Our Green Screen Light Kits

Customer Service

Developing and selling is just one slice of the pie here at BGS. Our customer care team is day in, day out, waiting for your contact with questions, doubts and anything else you need answered. Our squad of professionals have years of experience under their belt and can help you even with the most technical questions. Don’t hesitate to message or e-mail us and we will respond as fast as we can. A business doesn’t strive without loyal customers, and loyal customers don’t stay without an excellent service and A-quality products.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We can talk all day about our services and products, but in today’s world, people are loosing more and more confidence in company’s marketing. In 2019, the new social trend was declared “the return to authenticity”. Here at BGS, we don’t feel we ever left authenticity, but in the customer’s view, marketing is no longer a presentation of real facts about the products, but a misleading and ambiguous manipulation with the only intent of selling. That’s why we give you not only our view of BGS but also your neighbor's, or your coworker’s, or even your cousin’s opinions. Check them out and decide for yourself!

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