Green Screen Light Kit – Simple Set with Essentials

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Green Screen Light Kit – Simple Set with Essentials

Do you like feeling the water’s temperature before diving in head first? Are you starting to give your first steps in the audiovisual world and you feel a home studio is the next thing in your agenda? We understand that, sometimes, a large investment can be hard to make, hence the Green Screen Light Kit with Essentials. You have the best of both worlds: a low-budget kit, with the essentials you need to take your professional photography and video editing work to the next level!

  • 100% cotton muslin backdrops
  • High quality aluminian alloy stands
  • 135W energy saving light bulbs

First thing’s first. A 6ft x 8,9ft (1,8m x 2,7m) backdrop. With such an enormous size, you can have 6 or more people in front of it and have amazingly creative and diverse photo shoots. Even better than that, it’s made of 100% chroma green, cotton muslin fabric, meaning you won’t have to worry with light reflection at all. But let’s be honest: 6 people in front of a green screen can lead to messiness. That’s why the backdrop is also machine washable and resistant to tearing. Also, with a rod pocket in one end, you can hang it to use it or to dry it, while its non pollutant fabric gives a thumbs up to the environment!

What’s also essential in a well produced photo shoot? A good lighting kit! This kit includes 2 135W energy saving light bulbs, capable of replicating a pure white daylight (5500K). With a lifespan of over 10.000 hours, you can mount them in our heat-resistant bulb sockets, while its long cords help you move them freely and creatively for best lighting effects.

Our bulb sockets also like to go along with another feature… Check out our premium soft white umbrellas. Diffusing light is a technique you’ll have to learn from day one if you want to be someone in the photographic world. No one likes light spots in model’s faces or products with burned surfaces. Made of high quality nylon and metal construction, they measure 33 inches in diameter (85cm) when opened.

As if it wasn’t enough for an essentials low-budget kit, we also included high quality aluminum alloy stands with a 3-section design. It can extend from 26,4in to 78,7in (67cm to 200cm) and it’s sturdy enough to hold a lot of equipment.

Lastly, and just because we like to spoil you, the kit also includes a stylish, nylon black carrying bag.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x Backdrop stand set
  • 1 x Backdrop
  • 2 x 135W Light bulbs
  • 2 x Umbrellas
  • 2 x Light stands
  • 2 x Swivel sockets
  • 1 x Storage bag

General CRI: >90
Socket: E27 socket
Lights: 220V-240V
Backdrop Stand: Crossbar consists of 4 separate sticks for easy adjustments (max height 6.6ft, max width 9.8ft)
Package Size: 80 x 23.5 x 26cm / 31.5 x 9.3 x 10.2in
Package Weight: 8kg / 17.6lbs

Additional information

Weight8 oz
Dimensions80 × 24 × 26 in


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Photo Studio Light Kit

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