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What Makes Ours the Best Green Screen Backgrounds on the Market

Personal Experience

We’ve worked with green screen backgrounds for a long time, meaning that we tried it all, even old green-ish towels! But a big advice from a veteran in video editing: the less commitment you give your physical set, the higher dedication you have to give your editing work. Therefore,  it's much harder to open your creativity cage and let it fly, since you have so much work correcting mistakes and shaving edges. With our green screen backgrounds though? We can’t remember the last time we sighed with the image of a badly chroma-keyed video.

Our Goal

Our green screen backgrounds have one big goal in mind: to be versatile. Whether at home, at work, or even in the street, when you want to take advantage of that beautiful golden hour. They take a big weight of your back, co-operating effectively with chroma key and being easily mounted anywhere.

Satisfied Customers

Maybe you’re thinking that a green screen background is still an expendable tool, or that you prefer spending money in other video capturing and editing tools. Fair enough, but trust us when we say that our costumers range from rookie Youtubers to professional veterans with years of experience. All of them have something in common - complete satisfaction!

How to Choose the Best Green Screen Background for You

If you’re a beginner in these streets, diving head first into a decision is not recommended. That’s why we’re here to give you a hand, so you don’t drown yourself in a sea of green screen backgrounds.

If you’re just starting and want to try different things before you spend a great deal of money, you can check out our cheapest option, the Green Screen – Classic Background in 7 colours (5.2′ x 9.8′). Don’t get us wrong, we’re still talking about a professional quality non-woven fabric background, available in 7 different colors! But you will have to improvise a setup to mount it, since it only includes the cloth itself. It's super versatile and a great choice for any job - whether it's model shoots or video editing.

If you already have a strong idea of what you want and the tools you need to create it, we have the Green Screen – Professional Studio Backdrop – Various Sizes & Colours. More sizes available, better fabric and easier to mount. Here we give you more options, because we know in first-hand that creativity shouldn’t have limits!

Finally, if you’re looking for something to last and something that will most likely work in all your projects, check out the Green Screen – Wide Backdrop 10′ x 6.5′. Enough space for various models or big items, without having to worry about sticking two or more backgrounds together. Excellent quality too and as always, available at a fantastic price.

What You Get With Our Green Screen Backgrounds

Free Shipping & Secure Payment

No news here. All our products have free shipping, regardless of their size. We live in a world described by many has a global community, and our free shipping policy is the least we can do. You’ll get your products by their price and not a cent more! Add to those savings a guaranteed secure payment, and buying online was never more comfortable.

Step-by-Step Customer Care

You don’t know what to get? Ask us. You’re feeling undecided about two items? Ask us. You’ve already bought something and you’re feeling unsafe about the shipping? Ask us. You just want to know a little more about green screen backgrounds? Ask us! We have a customer support team ready to help you out with anything you need. Don’t hesitate and let us know what’s on your mind!

Quality Guaranteed

You’ve bought one of our green screen backgrounds, and it’s not the thing you really needed? No worries. “100% get your money back guarantee” is something a lot of companies like to say, but sometimes in the real world it has some fine lettering, at the end, stating something else. No tricks here. It’s sales 101. You don’t like it, you send it back and you get your money!

Excellent Value

You can look around for cheaper green screen backgrounds. We did! We respect someone who likes thought out decisions. And you might even find some that resemble ours for a lower price. But notice the “might” and the “resemble”. You’ll always sacrifice something for a lower budget, whether the quality, the shipping or the payment safety. We’re cutting margins to give you the quality you want at the price you deserve.