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Green Screen – Classic Backdrop in 7 Colors – 5.2′ x 9.8′

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Green Screen – Classic Backdrop in 7 Colors – 5.2′ x 9.8′

Our most popular product by far, the Classic Green Screen Backdrop focuses on delivering high-quality and versatility at a mind blowing price. Whether you’re a photographer, a streamer or a film maker, whether your budget is large or small, whether you’re a rookie or a professional, this Green Screen has got you covered.

It’s the classic, simple, super affordable and delivers everything you need to turn your work into a professional production.

  • 7 Colors available
  • Non-woven, high-quality fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Super versatile size
  • Excellent value

Our Classic Green Screen Backdrop comes in one extremely versatile size (5,2ft x 9,8ft / 1,6m x 3m) that can handle a wide variety of things – from product shoots to model photography, video editing & more. The best part? The wonderfully attractive price. The value you get for the price is beyond outstanding.

Green is usually used for backdrops because it’s not naturally found in nature or clothes, making it perfect to single out in editing. Even then, you might want to use other colors (for example, if clothes or a product are green), hence our diverse color range: you can choose between the classic green, grey, white, black, blue, yellow and even red.

Want to keep it clean and fresh? Easy, either get it dry cleaned or simply put it into your washing machine, sit back and relax. When it’s done, you’ll have it as good as new and ready to give you effortless top-quality photos and videos.

We’ve also got two big features that, besides pairing like peanut butter & jelly, will definitely take some work of your back. Our non-woven fabric, resistant to wrinkles, will get rid of a possible headache, while our two self-stick velcro strips will help you set it up easily on any wall you want.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x high-quality backdrop
  • 2 x self-stick velcro strips

Note: Even though the creases it comes with (due to being folded) don’t affect your results, you can still very easily get rid of them by 1. Using a wet towel to wipe the creases 2. Using a book to press on them for a while and 3. Rolling the backdrop up and putting it aside for a few hours.

Additional information

Weight0.45 oz
Dimensions33 × 11 × 3 in



Solid Color

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Green Screen Backdrop

12 reviews for Green Screen – Classic Backdrop in 7 Colors – 5.2′ x 9.8′

  1. Jeffrey Richardson

    Beyond awesome. Came in perfect shape and it looks fantastic, can’t wait to start using it, thank you!

  2. Anna Holmes

    Fast delivery to the door and it’s made of a very high quality fabric without any imperfections. I definitely recommend it!

  3. Marvin

    This green screen background is very very good. Got it in around 15 days in perfect shape, thank you.

  4. Tony Jones

    Good product, beautiful price, just as expected.

  5. Harry A

    Shipped fast and works great, 5 stars.

  6. Ivan Days

    All great from start to finish. Fantastic customer service and the green screen came quickly. Super quality!

  7. Philip R

    Came fast and it’s all carefully packaged, and although the fabric is slightly thin, for this ridiculously low price it is way better than I expected. Beautiful value.

  8. Leon

    Durable, does not shine, great length plus it came packaged with easy to use Velcro.

  9. Xavier

    I’m using it as a live streamer and it works really well, extremely glad I got this!

  10. Jorge Harrison

    Love it, awesome green screen and very, very versatile. Impressive fabric quality too!

  11. Chester Holding

    Great quality, thick, in fact it’s the best green screen I’ve had so far.

  12. Shane H

    Shipped in less than 3 days! I don’t know how it happened, but I received it way before scheduling, always a great bonus. Very fast, material good, tight. There are specially sown parts so you can easily hang it. Very satisfied.

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