Green Screen – Wide Backdrop 10′ x 6.5′

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Green Screen – Wide Backdrop 10′ x 6.5′

Take a step further in becoming a professional photographer with our extra wide green screen. Take advantage of its size and organize photo shoots with multiple models at the same time, or large and tall products – size won’t be a limiting factor any longer! Why waste precious time in editing badly cropped models when you can simply get it done perfectly from the start? With those saved hours of work, you can focus on improving your final projects in a tremendous fashion, giving you a noticeable edge in results.

  • Extra wide size of 6.5ft x 10ft (2m x 3m)
  • High-Quality Muslin Fabric
  • Machine Washable

Our 6.5ft x 10ft (2m x 3m) solid green screen gives you enough space to produce creative photo shoots with various people and large products, without having the struggle of attaching two screens side by side, or having to crop people from different photos and editing them together. It’s also fantastic for film-making and video editing as it’s basically a playground for creativity. You can also set it up at a lower height and let it unfold on a big surface in the ground, offering you the possibility to take photos from a higher perspective and still maintain a smooth, fully covered background.

Perfecting your backgrounds in editing due to wrinkles or light reflections is a misuse of your time. Our top-grade, muslin cotton, non-pollutant, 4-layer fabric will give you a durable, seamless and smooth surface for easy chroma key editing.

The fabric is even machine washable, making it super easy to maintain the green screen nice and clean. You don’t need to fear any tearing in this process thanks to the 4-layer textile.

The green screen’s weight (only 17.5 pounds or 8 kilograms) is hefty while remaining easy to setup or hang and it’s non-wrinkle fabric makes sure that it remains beautiful even when folded. This makes it easy to carry and ensures its safekeeping.

Its sleeve on the end allows you to easily mount a cross bar and set it up wherever you want in just a couple seconds, giving you more time to experiment with different light angles too.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x Extra-wide green screen

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Dimensions30 × 30 × 15 in
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