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What Makes Ours the Best Cheap Green Screens on the Market

Price vs Quality

Before starting any project, everyone must debate themselves with one serious question: how much money am I willing to spend, to get the quality I’m looking for? We don’t take that debate lightly here at Buy Green Screens, because we know that, even though not everyone works with the same budget, they still deserve to have well thought products that still maintain the same practical core. That’s why we focused on removing the more expandable functions of our best green screens, while preserving our essence: portability, efficiency and material’s quality.

Starting Somewhere

Perhaps you have the budget for more, but you’re just starting out in the audiovisual world, and you don’t want to dive head first and loose money on some badly thought decisions. That’s exactly the same line of thought we followed when we started selling green screens so, in a way, these were the first products we developed. For a long time we used cheaper materials and through hard work and dedication, we were able to reach the same level of quality given by green screens three times more expensive.

Customer Satisfaction

Our cheap green screens are a big seller among starting Youtubers, video editors and photographers. All of them have one thing in common - they want an effective solution that's simple and inexpensive while still delivering solid quality and great results - and that's exactly what our selection offers.

Our Cheap Green Screen Selection

In our cheap green screens department we have only one product so far (as even our regular ones are already super affordable), however, it allows you to change its colors and sizes.

The Green Screen – Budget Backdrop in 3 Colors & Various Sizes comes in three different sizes: 3,2ft x 5,2ft (1m x 1,6m), 8,9ft x 5,9ft (2,7m x 1,8m) and 9,8ft x 5,2ft (3m x 1,6m). Before making a purchase, think about what you’re going to use your unit for and what size suits your needs the best. Moreover, we also have three different colors: black, white and green. As our cheapest options though, they do not include background stands.

What You Get With Our Cheap Green Screens

Free Shipping

I think the reason you’re browsing through our store’s cheap section is obvious. You just don’t feel comfortable spending a great deal of money, or you’re working on a tight budget. I think you’ll enjoy the next two words: free shipping. That’s right, you pay for what you bought and that’s it. No fine letters at the end of the contract stating otherwise. And don’t think that just because it’s free we treat your packages like soccer balls - we package it carefully and thoroughly to ensure that you’ll get exactly what you paid for without so much as a scratch.

Secure Payment

I can feel you’re still hesitant. I can read your mind: “I’m paying a meager price for a product that maintains its core qualities and for a service that doesn’t charge me literally nothing for shipping. Something must be wrong. Maybe they’re using a low-level, unsafe method of payment that helps them keep some big margins”. You’re wrong again. We’re proud to show our Guarantee Safe Checkout! Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and others. All work safely and efficiently.

Customer Support

Hey, at this point, if you’re still feeling unsure or unsafe about our cheap green screens we can only give you one advice: talk with us. Our customer support team is here specifically for you. Don’t hesitate to state your doubts and don’t feel shame in asking some basic questions. We’ve worked with people from every level of skills, and we know a strong knowledge foundation is a big help in succeeding in your future projects.