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What Makes Ours the Best Green Screens for Streaming on the Market

Direct Input From Streamers

Streaming is no easy task. The number of people depending on it as an income source has increased exponentially in the last couple of years. A great deal of creators have left Youtube and moved on to streaming, primarily on Twitch. Therefore, there is also been an increase in the search of reliable green screens for streaming. Our solution for tackling this change was to talk directly with streamers across the globe to get their honest and experienced opinions on what should be the major features of the perfect green screen for streaming. As a result, we have a product idealized by the most important segment in the market: streamers.

Smart Features

As we mentioned before, streaming has become a full-time job for plenty of creators, some even streaming an average of 10-12 hours a day. Consequently, something that’s easy to mount and to dismount is very important, since the less time streamers use to set up their equipment, the more time they have to actually stream. Our concerns were not only focused on the physical setup but also in giving you a wrinkle-resistant, chroma-green surface, allowing you to spend even less time in perfecting your stream's background.

Attractive Prices

If freelancing photography and video editing is a job that has a slow money-earning curve, than streaming is even worse. In 2018, the year Amazon acquired Twitch, there were an astonishing 48 million streamers. It’s a highly competitive market, and reaching a comfortable place, where you can do it as a full-time job and live out of it, can take some time. That’s why we made sure to offer our units at a beautifully affordable price - so that anyone, beginners or veterans, can get a quality product without worrying about the budget. This way, you can focus on what really matters.

Our Tailor-Made Solution

If streaming is your game, and you feel like your room is not a professionally or creatively enough background, check out our Green Screen for Streaming PRO – 5’x6.5′ Collapsible Chroma Key Backdrop with Auto-Locking Frame and Super-Fast Setup. With just a few seconds for setup, you'll get a whole day of perfect quality streams with our pneumatic, auto-locking X-frame and our wrinkle-free polyester green screen.

What You Get With Our Streaming Green Screen

Quality Guaranteed

A lot of researches, these last years, have shown us that the first impression we have of a person is their smile (and first impressions are a big deal!), and only after striking a conversion, we start creating a more realistic impression of the person we’re meeting. Same logic applies in streaming: even before people click on a stream and start listening to their content, the way you present yourself on-stream will always be the first impression people get from you. A beautiful or funny, but well-edited background is deeply important, and with the power of our units to propel you, that awesome first impression could be what separates you from the competition.

Thoroughly Tested Units

We’re not ashamed to say that the time we spent between the drawing table and the launch of our green screens for streaming was a substantial one. Now, don’t think it was due to lack of work or laziness in general. It was the result of a team of very perfectionist personalities trying their best in order to reach a purposely high set quality line. We experimented with numerous different materials, always having a “price vs quality” debate in the back of our mind, with the final aim of having the best green screens for streaming in the market. The results were excellent and that's exactly what we're offering you now.

Secure and Free Shipping

Our job doesn’t stop as soon as you click the “buy product” button. On the contrary, it’s only starting. We have a team of respectful and attentive people taking care of your product packaging, so it doesn’t get damaged between the moment we ship it and you receive it. We also have a crew of highly considerate people in costumer support helping you in every step regarding your shipping process. The best part of it all? Free shipping!