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What Makes Our Kits the Best Green Screen Kits on the Market

Our Experience as Creators

Before entering the fast-paced, but fully-rewarding, world of selling green screens, the majority of our team were (and still is) photographers, editors, filmmakers and creators in general. Therefore, we know how hard is to get a practical, well-organized, comprehensive and easy to carry green screen kit. On our past careers, large part of us even had our own personalized green screen kits, made by different parts from different companies. We just knew there wasn’t an affordable option in the market, capable of fulfilling all our needs in one single package. Thankfully, we joined our heads and came up with a solution for every video and photo artist looking for the best green screen kits.

Smart Set of Components

We believe that, more than having all you need properly packed, the crucial aspect of a well-thought green screen kit, is having products that go well with each other and excel in terms of cooperation. You won’t find stands that don’t fit the cloths, or carrying bags that make you play mental tetris in order to get everything packed. Everything is there for a reason. You get the tools you need, in order to work inside your studio or out, and the comfort of doing it effortlessly.

Quality Assurance

Selling our products in a kit allows us to give you the best possible quality while still awarding you with a bigger economical advantage than you'd get when buying our products separately. We have aluminium alloy stands, 100% cotton cloths, reinforced nylon clamps and heavy-duty carry bags. All the top materials we could find at our disposal, so you can build your photography and video studio anywhere you want, and still have top notch contrast - all at a fantastic price.

How to Choose the Best Green Screen Kits for You

If a green screen kit is what you’re looking for, here at BGS we have two options, differing mainly in size and components.

The Green Screen Kit – Small Size with 3 Backdrops, Stands, Clamps and Carrying Case, offers you three 6 ft x 9 ft (1,8m x 2,8m) cotton cloths (white, black and green), with an aluminium alloy background support system and some extremely handy clamps (makes setting up your backdrop a breeze, even in tricky positions). To finish it off, you also get a resilient, padded carrying bag.

If 6ft x 9ft (1,8m x 2,8m) is not enough for your projects, check out our Green Screen Kit – Classic Size with 3 Backdrops, Stands, Clamps and Carrying Case. Same products as our other kit, but with the distinction of bringing three 8.5ft x 10ft (2.6m x 3m) cotton cloths (also white, black and green).

What You Get With Our Green Screen Kits

Easy to Follow Instructions

These past years, in the green screen kits world, we’ve noticed there’s two kinds of customers. The ones that receive our package and, instinctively, start putting the kits together, following a trial and error approach; and the ones who enjoy following the manufacturer’s instructions. With that in mind, we send along a very easy-to-follow instructions, that will help you mount and dismount your kits, as well as a descriptive inventory of every single piece included in it.

Careful Packaging

Aside from the free shipping, (something we’re never tired of talking about!), buying big packages, like kits online, can be pretty scary. Fear of getting them stuck in customs, or receiving damaged material, are the two main concerns of our costumers. On our side, we do everything at our disposal to not let this problems occur. A well-though and concerned packaging is one of our mottos, as well as a swift and attentive customer care, for when your packaging is nowhere seen.

Secure Payment

We’re living in a world where online buying has become a major part of our shopping habits. However, there are still plenty of companies living in the past, disregarding online shops, along with offering few and limited payment methods. Bob Dylan said numerous times: For the times they are a-changin'”, and adapting to that constantly changing world is a must for every brand. Secure online payment is not a plus we offer you. It’s a right you deserve.