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What Makes Ours the Best Portable Green Screens on the Market?

Customer Input

We’re always watchful, regarding your needs as creative people. Therefore, with your help, we’ve filled a market gap. How many times have you been inside your studio, looked outside and thought: “Man, why am I not enjoying that beautiful sunlight?” We listened to your cry for help and created our portable green screens, easy to mount and use everywhere.

Relentless Dedication

It’s not easy to conceive a green screen that’s adaptable to pretty much everywhere. But we didn’t stop there. We know photography and video is a timing exercise when, in a couple of minutes, you can loose that light you’ve been waiting for all afternoon. Hence the durable metal frame that allows you to mount it and fold it in a matter of seconds. We even have an instruction manual included with each one so you can learn how to do it in seconds.

Excellent Value

We’ve been where you are: sighing profoundly when looking at your project budgets. We know creativity shouldn’t be limited by money, but only by capabilities, so we give you portable green screens, ready to use, at a lower-than-market price. Ranging from $40 to $70, you can choose whichever suits your needs the best.

How to Find the Right Portable Green Screen for You

We’ve got three different portable green screens you can choose from, depending on two factors: quality and size.

If you’re looking for our cheapest and simplest option, you should check out the Simple Pop Up Oval Backdrop – Collapsible, Reversible 3.2″ x 5″. One portable green screen with a blue screen on the opposite site (for when your models “forget” your advice about not wearing green clothes – Don’t worry, we’ve all been there). It’s made of nylon and a good starting point for beginners.

If you don’t mind spending a little more for something better, you should take a look at our Pop Up Oval Backdrop – Collapsible, Reversible 3.2″ x 5″. What makes it better? Firstly, the fabric: cotton. We’ve tested it numerous times and you don’t need a photographic-trained eye to see the difference between a cotton and a nylon portable green screen. Secondly, it brings metal hooks to mount it in a diverse range of setups, making it easy to get things rolling anywhere.

Lastly, you have the Pop Up Oval Backdrop – Collapsible, Reversible 5″ x 6.5″. That’s the product you want when you’re focusing majorly on model’s photo shoots. With 5″ x 6.5″ (152cm x 198cm) dimensions, you have plenty of space to work with and you won't be restricted at all, letting your creativity fly.

What You Get With Our Portable Green Screens

Tested Thoroughly

We bet you’ve heard these words numerous times, but testing products, in our opinion, is only effective when we test them in the conditions they will be used. That’s why you won’t see us testing our products solely inside a lab or a studio. Our own squad of photographers and editors teamed up with some freelance photographers, packed our portable green screens (have we told you how easy is to pack them?) and we extensively tested them in all kinds of lighting and conditions. Then, we reviewed the results - both usability and the images - to ensure that we had the perfect product on our hands.

Free Shipping

We can’t say it too many times: free shipping! You won’t see your budget running out that soon with our free shipping assurance. What’s the catch? None. Furthermore, we have 100% get your money back guarantee if the product you get is not what you really needed (even though our customer service gives you all the help you need during your shopping to prevent that from happening).


Photography and film-making are not exact sciences. It’s an art, and art prevails with unmatched creativity and with an indifference towards boundaries. That’s why we give you portable green screens in green, blue, grey, white, black and in different sizes. We know the feeling of knowing our projects could be much more with the right tools and we don't want you to feel the same, you should be limitless. And that’s why we started doing this. For us. For you. For creators everywhere.