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Pop Up Oval Backdrop – Collapsible, Reversible 3.2″ x 5″

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Pop Up Oval Backdrop – Collapsible, Reversible 3.2″ x 5″

Here at BGS, we believe creativity shouldn’t be limited by a physical space, and that’s why portability is such an important word in our vocabulary. Photographers like to unveil the mystery and search the unknown, hence always being ready to go on an adventure. Take a look at our portable green screens, and find tools that aren’t just able to keep up with you wherever you go, but also to help you improve the quality and beauty of your photographic and video projects.

  • Backdrop with two sides
  • Top-quality cotton fabric
  • Portable collapsible design

Our Pop Up Oval Backdrop kicks-off the offer by letting you choose between two sizes: 5ft x 6,5ft (1,5m x 2m) and 3,2ft x 5ft (1m x 1,5m). A bigger size will help you with model’s photo shoots, while the smallest one is more aimed for close-ups of products or models. You also get one handy metal hook on one of the sides, giving you an easier time mounting it in whatever setup you have.

Even though portability is key, in this creative line of work we will never forget diversity. Hence the double sided backdrop with an essential range of colors to choose from: blue and green; black and white; green and grey.

We never get tired of mentioning our focus on the materials. It’s these small details that can change a product in a major way. The green and grey backdrops are made from top-quality mixed materials, while the other two are top-shelf classic cotton, not only being able to give you a smooth background, but also helping you with light absorption and light refraction.

Finally, we can talk about what brought you here. On the green corner, weighing only 42 grams, we’ve got the pop up oval backdrop! That’s right, and if that wasn’t enough, its collapsible system lets you fold it and unfold with with no effort at all. We could have stopped there, but you also get a handy carrying bag to help you bring it on your amazing photo journeys. Enjoy!

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x double sided collapsible backdrops
  • 1 x black carrying bag


Additional information

Weight1.5 oz
Dimensions30 × 30 × 10 in
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4 reviews for Pop Up Oval Backdrop – Collapsible, Reversible 3.2″ x 5″

  1. Ian Shane

    Compact, easy to carry and super versatile size. Great quality too, it’s made to last. Awesome product!

  2. Sandra Johnson

    Great quality and design with strong cotton fabric, does not shine and works perfectly when editing.

  3. Ryan Allen

    This little beast was everything I wanted and more. Sturdy design, easy setup, great fabric and the price is beautiful too.

  4. Gustav Robinson

    Excellent service, excellent product, well packaged and prompt delivery. I ordered 1 but then wanted 1 more to come so I quickly contacted the customer service and they quickly fixed my order and sent 2. I am very satisfied. Would give more stars if I could.

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