Simple Pop Up Oval Backdrop – Collapsible, Reversible 3.2″ x 5″

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Simple Pop Up Oval Backdrop – Collapsible, Reversible 3.2″ x 5″

Working with video and photography isn’t an exact science. Here at BGS, we see it more like an adventure. You can’t depend on your home or work studio every time. Sometimes you need to work with tricky positioning or go out of your regular space, that’s why you have to be always ready to move. Having equipment that can keep up with you, like our simple pop up oval backdrop, is immensely important.

  • Backdrop with double side (Green & Blue)
  • Top-quality nylon fabric
  • Portable collapsible design

Our Simple Pop Up Oval Backdrop starts by offering you a 2 in 1 deal as it’s double-sided, with blue and green, for a quick solve if you ever need another color due to clothes, items or location.

Even though its major factor is its portability, we’re still talking about a backdrop with 3,2ft x 5ft (1m x 1,5m) size, perfect for portraits, product photography and even video editing.

It’s very light and only 1,5ft (45cm) when folded. If that wasn’t enough, we also give you a handy black carrying bag. So pack your camera, your travelling backpack, your pop up oval backdrop, go on an adventure and share your results with us!

This is something we confidently say about all our green screens: top quality fabric. This simple pop up oval backdrop is made from top tier nylon, eliminating wrinkles, even after being folded and unfolded hundreds of times. It also works as a handy light reflector for those photo shoots with some amazing, but intense, light.

If you lack the means to hold your materials, it also has a passing through hole at the top that makes it easy to setup with any stand.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x backdrop 2 in 1 (3,2ft x 5ft)
  • 1 x black carrying bag

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